Jan. 21, 2018

01-21-18 Back to the Basics, Part 2

I am Spirit Expressing!

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Jan. 14, 2018

01-14-18 Back to the Basics, Part 1

I see Spirit is all of Life!

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Jan. 7, 2018

01-07-18 Annual Questions & Answers

My life is a dream in 2018!

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Dec. 31, 2017

12-31-17 Starting the New Year with a Vision

I am open to new exciting good in my life!

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Dec. 24, 2017

12-24-17 Living Brightly

I let my light shine for all the world to see!

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Dec. 22, 2017

12-22-17 Candlelight Service

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

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Dec. 17, 2017

12-17-17 Music of the Heart

The Music of my Heart is one of Joy!

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Dec. 10, 2017

12-10-17 Coming Home To The Heart For The Holidays

I am in my heart for the Holidays!

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Dec. 3, 2017

12-05-17 Dreams Do Come True

I live my dream!

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Nov. 26, 2017

11-26-17 Kyle Cease: Evolving Out Loud

Where Comedy and Transformation Meet

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Nov. 19, 2017

11-19-17 Coming Home

I celebrate my return home transformed!

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Nov. 12, 2017

11-12-17 Abundance

Abundance flows through me blessing all I love!

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Nov. 5, 2017

11-05-17 The Adventure to Prosperity

I grow and prosper from the adventures of my journey through life!

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Oct. 29, 2017

10-29-17 The Call to the Quest

I am blessed by following the call of my soul!

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Oct. 22, 2017

10-22-17 The Tribute

I honor my path I've walked!

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Oct. 15, 2017

10-15-17 Inquire Within

I trust my revelations from within!

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Oct. 8, 2017

10-08-17 Signposts on the Road to the Future

I do my part in bringing forth all that I am!

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Oct. 1, 2017

10-01-17 The Cosmic Garden

I enjoy the mystic-minded adventures I journey in this world!

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Sept. 24, 2017

09-24-17 The Selfing Game is What Spirit Does

I am the good time Spirit is having!

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Sept. 17, 2017

09-17-17 The Evolutionary Lever

With Spirit I move all that is in my way!

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Sept. 12, 2017

09-10-17 Jump Time

I see as God sees my wonderful Life!

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Sept. 3, 2017

09-03-17 Happiness and Rest

I rest and I am happy!

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Aug. 27, 2017

08-27-17 The Art of Allowing

My Life is supposed to be fun!

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Aug. 20, 2017

08-20-17 Homesick for the Real Self

My life is unfolding with ease for my positive outcome!

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