Dec. 15, 2019

12-15-19 Is There Room?

I have room for Spirit in my life!

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Is There Room? is the message today from Rev. Christian Sorensen on this Sunday, December 15, 2019, affirming  I have room for Spirit in my life!

Today we welcomed back the awesome talent of singer/songwriter Jami Lula who can be found on his website or on his Facebook page.

The complete service can be viewed here on our YouTube channel at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

I remember as a child, my empathetic heart always wondering about the Jesus story and how it was possible that a woman who was about to give birth would be made to stay in the stable? As I grew, I came to understand the metaphor more clearly–that no room at the inn was about a message for us today. We can get so caught up in the busyness and stories of our life that we have no room for the birth of greater awareness or the “Christ Consciousness.” One of the beauties of this season is it reminds us to slow down, create room, be available for the birth of a greater possibility and the glory of God in our life! ~ In Love, Rev. Christian