Nov. 14, 2016

11-13-16 When Monkeys Swoop In

Then It’s Time To See Your Way Through

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Today’s message from Rev. Christian Sorensen was recorded November 13th, 2016. The episode is titled: When Monkeys Swoop In subtitled: Then It’s Time To See Your Way Through

After Rev. Christians opening prayer, we’ve included the spirit, talent and voice of our special guest and musical artist Peggy Lebo, who can be found HERE on Facebook or on her website here.

Come visit us at or join us in Encinitas, California sometime where always great music, a spirited message and a joyful, loving, vibrant community await you.

Click HERE to view some of the photos from today.

The song All Are Welcome Here from the album Path of Light was co-written by Peggy Lebo and Rev. Christian Sorensen. It’s available at

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