Nov. 11, 2018

11-11-18 High Tithe

I am one of life's generous givers!

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Today’s message

from Dr. Christian Sorensen was recorded November 11th, 2018 and it’s titled High Tithe affirming I am one of life's generous givers!

Today we welcomed back the awesome talent of singer/songwriter Jami Lula who can be found on his website or on his Facebook page.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

Today is one of the most significant days on our Sunday calendar. In the fall season, Seaside offers a Prosperity Series around creating your ability to express life to your fullest with a sense of joy and freedom. It culminates today when I ask you to consciously make God your partner in creating greater good for your life; the timeless principle of systematically remembering God with the “First Fruits” or first gift.

The first week I spoke about the Infinite potentiality of the unlimited treasure that is waiting for you to discover and claim. The second week I spoke about creating space for that by changing some thinking and habits. I followed up with the importance of moving away from the security of the known shore and entering the adventure of new creation. Last week was about going deeper in your life to find your treasure. Today I am asking if you are willing to remember that God is the one from which your greater good comes. As you support Spirit's work, you’ll find Spirit supporting Its work as your life! Give to what represents God in your life, and you will find God expressing and supporting all aspects of your world, because Spirit is in and through all things.

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