Nov. 10, 2019

11-10-19 The Freedom of Prosperous Living

I Am Now Free in My Prosperous Living!

The Freedom of Prosperous Living is the message today from  Dr. Rev. Christian Sorensen on this Sunday, November 11, 2019, affirming I Am Now Free in My Prosperous Living!

Today we welcomed back the spirit, talent, and voices of Janice Edwards & Nathan Fry and the Children’s Choir.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

We are like every other family who plans a budget for the upcoming year. This is the time we ask you, our family and friends, what your thoughts are about your financial support for our Spiritual Home in the upcoming year. Your Board of Trustees will take this collective input and use it to put together an informed 2020 budget based on the intentions of this community. Every time I’m handed the pledge list throughout the year, each person receives my prayers. I recognize the partnership we have forged and know the Good that is manifesting in your life and the lives of those who have aligned with Seaside as their spiritual community. I know rich blessings continue to expand for those who have placed God first. This kind of commitment brings peace and security that comes when one turns to Spirit first in all aspects of living. Remembering Spirit first in good times helps one experience the Presence in challenging times. It is this consistency that has us turning to God rather than fear when our world shakes. ~ In Love, Rev. Christian