Nov. 3, 2019

11-03-19 Humanity 2.0

I Live in Lasting Joy!

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EXTENDED version.

Humanity 2.0 is the message today from Dr. Jean Houston on this Sunday, November 3, 2019, affirming  I Live in Lasting Joy!

Today we’ve included the spirit, talent, and voice of our special guest and musical artist Ray Davis who can be found HERE on Facebook or on his website here.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

We are in the midst of a Dr. Jean Houston Journey. Friday night Dr. Jean introduced all of us to a new version of the Hero and Heroine's journey that both deepens and expands our understanding of our new roles and opportunities. Now many of us are in a powerful two-day workshop deepening our realizations of unexpected alliances, spiritual awakenings, and unforeseen challenges that are being graced by timely wisdom.  

Next week we are off to Tibet to visit His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I trust you too are enjoying our journey together. ~ In Love, Rev. Christian