Oct. 21, 2018

10-21-18 Tides of Change

I flow with the changes of my life!

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Today’s message

from Dr. Rev. Christian Sorensen was recorded October 21st, 2018 and it’s titled Tides of Change affirming I flow with the changes of my life!

Today we welcome the talent and voice of Rain Bisou who can be found on her website, her Facebook page, her YouTube channel, or on Instagram.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

Last week we looked at the sea as the realm of the Infinite and all the treasures of the Divine potential that awaits us. This week we will be looking at how important it is to expect change if you are looking for something new.

If we keep on doing what we are doing and expect a different result, that’s crazy-making. When we find the courage to journey on some new currents, we must realize the landscape will shift. Things will look and feel different, because you are in a different place.

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