Sept. 30, 2018

09-30-18 Finding Faith When Freaking Out

My faith has made me strong!

Today’s message

from Dr. Rev. Christian Sorensen was recorded September 30th, 2018 and it’s titled Finding Faith When Freaking Out affirming My faith has made me strong!

Today we welcome back the spirit, talent and voice of Michael Paul Smith who can be found here on on Facebook.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

One of my favorites writings from The Science of Mind is Ernest Holmes’ chapter on Faith. He writes,

"That it’s been said that the entire world is suffering from one big fear...the fear that God will not answer our prayers. What is fear? Nothing more nor less than the negative use of misplaced; a belief in two powers instead of One."

When the world appears to be sending us into freak-out mode, it’s time to remember that there is no opposition to God. We are the ones that need the realignment and re-calibration with the Omnipotent.