Aug. 25, 2019

08-25-19 Getting the Love that You Want

I am Love. I give Love. I feel Love. I be Love!

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Today’s message

from Dr. Brian Anderson was recorded August 25, 2019, and it’s titled Getting the Love that You Want affirming I am Love. I give Love. I feel Love. I be Love!

Today we welcomed the dynamic performance of Rosy Dawn Selwitz as our special musical guest artist and who can be found on her Facebook page.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

Rev. Brian Anderson is a Religious Science legend who led the Vista Church of Religious Science with his wife Dr. Sheila for more than thirty years. My friendship with Rev. Brian goes back even further than that. When I first came to town in 1991 he bought Seaside its first tape duplicating machine and said we’ve got to get the message out. Funny to think how times have changed from tape to CDs to now podcasts and live streaming. Through all the years Rev. Brian has used his humor and leprechaun-like personality to take people to a deep place in their walk with God! He has been lighting up the North County of San Diego literally for decades, and it’s about time he now has a Sunday to bring his passion to Seaside. ~ In Love, Rev. Christian.