June 26, 2016

06-26-16 Aging As A Spiritual Practice

Rev. Tammy Mars - Everything Ages. Everything Changes. When Lightning Strikes.


Today’s message from Rev. Tammy Mars, Seaside’s Executive Director, was recorded June 26th, 2016 and while Rev. Christian Sorensen was out of town. It’s titled Aging As A Spiritual Practice.
Subtitled: Everything Ages. Everything Changes. When Lightning Strikes.

The intro music today is from Ray Davis the guest artists today. Ray’s music can be found at RayDavisMusic.com.

Come visit us at SeasideCenter.org or join us in Encinitas, California sometime where always great music, a spirited message and a joyful, loving, vibrant community await you.

The song All Are Welcome Here from the album Path of Light was co-written by Peggy Lebo and Rev. Christian Sorensen. It’s available at PeggyLebo.com.

As always, ALL are welcome at Rev. Christian Sorensen’s weekly “Joyous” series podcast here at JoyousPodcast.com.
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