May 26, 2019

05-26-19 Wisdom of Our Difficulties

The Wisdom of the Divine leads me through life!

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Today’s message

from Dr. Christian Sorensen was recorded May 26th, 2019 and it’s titled Wisdom of Our Difficulties affirming The Wisdom of the Divine leads me through life!

Today we welcomed for the first time the music and talent of Cedrice Ce who can be found on her website at

Come visit us on our website and you can always join us in Encinitas, California on a Sunday sometime where we always great music, a spirited message and a joyful, loving, vibrant community that await you.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

I’ve never been keen on having to learn through difficulties. But with that said, if you do find yourself in the midst of a challenge, there is no need to waste the gifts it can bring you. There is wisdom waiting to be gleaned from a difficult time. Too often we are in such a rush to move away from it, we forget to take a look at what there is to learn. Barbara Marx Hubbard used to say, “There’s no need to waste a good crisis.” I trust this morning’s message will help us to find the wisdom in difficult times if those times come to visit.