April 21, 2019

04-21-19 Beyond Appearances - Easter

I see as Spirit sees!

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Today’s program is completely unabridged for this Easter

and is about 1:30 hours long. It includes the Easter message from Dr. Christian Sorensen. It was recorded April 21st, 2019 and it’s titled Beyond Appearances affirming I see as Spirit sees!

Given Easter today we have a full band with a horn section along with our musical guest artists Karl Anthony, The Seaside Choir, and our Artistic Director Rebecca Jade.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

I love Easter at Seaside. The band is full, the music is powerful, and so many of us have come together to celebrate the essence of Spring and life rising in our world! It’s about remembering; no matter how down we might be on ourselves or what heaviness is perceived around us, there is an indomitable life force seeking to 'spring-up' with a fresh vibrancy as our life renews itself now.

The great religions from the beginning of time have celebrated the Spring with their stories of life, from the Greek’s Persephone to the Celtic’s Brigit. Also, there was Inanna, a Sumerian Spring goddess associated with love and beauty from 3,200 BC, later worshipped as Ishtar. Ghana, in Africa, honors Ashanti, who is the earth goddess who prepares to bring forth new life in the Spring at the festival of Durbar. The Norse fertility goddess Freya abandons the earth during the cold months, but returns in the Spring to restore nature's beauty. The Egyptian Osiris, a god of resurrection and fertility, dies and is reborn.

The resurrection theme is popular among Spring deities and is also found in the stories of Adonis, Mithras and

Attis. Eostre is a goddess that the Anglo-Saxons honored in the Spring. She is also known as Ostara, the Germanic Spring Goddess, her symbols of the egg and rabbit forming part of today's Easter celebrations. The Hindu Saraswati, the goddess of the arts, wisdom, and learning, has her own festival each Spring in India called Saraswati Puja–and the list goes on from around the world.

The fertility story of new life rising in us is a powerful transcultural story that reminds us to align with new and greater possibilities stirring in our soul this time of year.

~ In Love, Rev. Christian

Come visit us on our website SeasideCenter.org and you can always join us in Encinitas, California on a Sunday sometime where we always great music, a spirited message and a joyful, loving, vibrant community that await you.