Feb. 24, 2019

02-24-19 The Healing Power of the Divine

I am the Divine manifestation of Spirit!

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Today’s message

from Dr. Christian Sorensen was recorded February 24th, 2019 and it’s titled The Healing Power of the Divine.

Today we welcomed back the heart-felt spirit and talent of Danielle Tucker who can be found on her website DanielleTucker.com, on her Facebook page, or on her band page The Mighty Untouchables.

Come visit us on our website SeasideCenter.org and you can always join us in Encinitas, California on a Sunday sometime where we always great music, a spirited message and a joyful, loving, vibrant community that await you.

Dr. Christian’s Corner

Wow, we outdid ourselves for the "New Thought-a-Thon." Thank you everyone for the amazing outpouring of love! It took a huge team to pull off such an exciting and successful event. We reached more than a thousand people across the country with gifts coming in all the way from Florida. We have raised nearly $12,000 through our virtual open house. It was a fun-filled four hours of live streaming, and you can watch it in Seaside’s archives. You’ll miss the food trucks and market place but you’ll still catch the powerful twelve musical pieces from numerous guest artists.

We don’t stop there. Thursday, March 7 at 4:00pm we are literally rolling out the Red Carpet! Our movement, Centers For Spiritual Living, has an annual conference. This year they are attempting something different by doing the conference virtually from four different locations on four different days from around the country and Canada. Seaside was given the honor of hosting the closing night with the most successful minister in our movement, Dr. Roger Teel from the Mile Hi Church in Denver. And there’s more . . .